03/05/2020: Parabox plans on releasing 4 new soft vinyl heads for PARABOcCLE dolls at the end of this month!


Parabox original soft vinyl heads for PARABOcCLE body!


パラボックル 商品紹介

パラボックル 商品紹介

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Many choices of Anime eye designs and colors are available for purchase to make all kinds of characters.
Parabox decals are easy to separate from backing when wet in water and would be strongly attached when dry.
If you spray top coat over decals, it will keep decals stay on the head better.

L-BOcCLE: head size 14cm、M-BOcCLE: head size 10cm、S-BOcCLE: head size 8.5cm
Parabox offers many types and colors of wigs for each head size.

Parabox will offer a variety of clothing for PARABOcCLE dolls.
PARABOcCLE body can use AZONE Picco Neemo clothing and shoes for the 11cm Obitsu body.

Parabox offers three types of eyes for PARABOcCLE heads.
L-BOcCLE:10mm eyes, M-BOcCLE:8mm eyes, S-BOcCLE:6mm eyes