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Applying clothes to bodies

For all the bodies that Parabox carries, you can take off arms and legs very easily. That helps to put clothes on the body.

1/6 Scale Clothes Application
1/3 Scale Clothes Application

Preventing stains from clothes and wigs

Soft vinyl might get stained from dark color clothes if it stays on all the time.

Most 1/6 scale bodies are made out of hard plastic so you don't need to worry about stains from dark clothes.
The 24cm body and the 27cm SBH body has soft vinyl trunk, which is susceptible to stains. Please be careful not to keep dark clothes on.

body tihgts

The outer skin of the 1/3 scale bodies that Parabox carries is made out of soft vinyl, which is susceptible to stains. You need to prevent stains by wraping a wrap around the body or putting body tights on the body when you leave dark clothes on your dolls.

If you put a darker color wig on a soft vinyl head, you might want to put a wig cap on the head and then apply a one size bigger wig on top of it. Or you might want to wind a wrap around the head before applying a wig.

wig caps
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