Tutorial for making a mohair wig

This tutorial shows how to make a mohair wig using Parabox wefts and Parabox wig caps.

What we use in this tutorial

A・Parabox mohair wefts (for an 8-inch wig we need 1.5 wefts).

B・Parabox wig cap

C/D・needle and thread
 Thread should be stretch kind. We used the thread for knit called Legiron. It is very important to use stretch thread to make a flexible wig.

E・crochet hook


(1) Flip the wig cap inside out and start sewing the edge with the weft. Don't sew it tigthly.

If you have a doll with you, please refer how the edge is sewn.

(2) Keep sewing until you get to the top of the head

While sewing the weft onto the wig cap, you should try it on the head to make sure it fits correct.

(3)Making the top of the head

Cut off 10cm width of the weft and roll it. This is the the hair for the top of the head.

From inside the wig cap stick the crochet hook in and pull the rolled weft to the inside of the wig cap.

(4)Open up the weft to make it flat in the inside of the wig cap and sew the top of the weft to the wig cap.

(5)Turn the wig cap insde out and you will see the hair on the top of the head.

Arrange the hair style as you like.
If the top hair sticks up, use a low-temperature iron to push it down.
The model in this picture is Parabox Gretel. We used an 8-inch wig cap and 1.5 set (1 set of weft has 100cm width) of Parabox mohair weft.

Try different color and style.

Warning - Parabox is not responsible for injuries that might result from following this tutorial.