How to make a shag wig

Parabox sells a 4-inch shag wig, but you can create it very easily by yourself! We will show you the process using the 4 inch wavy hair wig with bangs, in the silver color ( PW27-01-SL), and Parabox Ares head. We chose this wavy wig, not a straight wig because the wave helps the cut edge not to go wild.
The only tool we use is the pair of scissors in the below picture.
1. Put the wig on the head to find the cut line.
2. Cut straight from side.
3. The look from the side
4. the look from the back
5. Cut upwards in the back so that the hair thins to fringes around the edge.
6. You may want to tilt the face down towards the front.
7. It might be easier to work on some parts after taking it off the head.
8. Adjust a little bit more after putting the wig back on the head.
9. Get rid of any hairs that are too long to finish up the back.
10. Trim the bang in a zigzag pattern.
11. Check to make certain there are no hairs sticking out.