Realistic looking female head with eye openings - face-up tutorial with Parabox Fairy head

In this Tutorial, we just use Liquitex (acrylic paints), pastels, paint brushes, and water.

Add darker color on the inside of eye openings as shadow.
Put on eye liners.
Put another thinner line over it to make double eyelids.
Add lower eyelashes.
If you want to add eyelashes on the upper lit, draw just outer corner of eyes.
Dilute paint with lots of water to add rough sketch of eyebrows. If they need to be fixed, pat with damp Q-tip with water or thinner.
Dilute paint and add it on the center line of both edges of the lips.  
Add small vertical lines on the lips with pink color. 
 
Using a big brush, add pastel color on the cheek. Add bluish color above the upper eyes.
Layer thin colors over and over. Add pastel colors on the lips.
Add white color on the lips as highlight. Finished!