Anime style face-up tutorial with Parabox P-chan head

In this Tutorial, we just use Liquitex (acrylic paints), Mr Color Thinner, Pastels (not oil pastels.), And two sizes of brushes. In addition to them, water, pallets, Kleenex, q-tips would help this project.

The supplies that we used for this project. The rough design of the face would help you to set your mind.
Dilute brown color with a lot of water to draw rough sketch. The Parabox P-chan head has mold of her eyes slightly, which helps to make symmetrical eyes.If they need to be fixed, pat with damp Kleenex. or wipe it off with diluted thinner. Redoing paint and wipe-off procedures many times might create stains.
3.Fill the color on eyes and draw clear outline.
4.Add a little color on the edge of the mouth.
5.Add more black color on the outline of the eyes. 6 Draw pupil in black, also. So far we only have used acrylic paints.
7. Add your favorite color on the eyebrows. 8. Add brown collar inside of black outlines.
9.Using thin brush, paint colors over and over. 10.Add black outline of eye brows.
11.Wen paints need to be fixed, use a thinner. 12. Thinner Absorbed q-tip wipe off unwanted paint.
13.Fix the area you've erased. 14. Add accents with white and black paints on the eyes.
15 Add white on the white of of eyes using a thin paint brush. 16.Draw center line of the mouth with red.
17.Make a smiling face by drawing round lower lips. 18, This is optional but we added red lines under eyes.
19.Add highlight on the lips by drawing small vertical lines. 20. Pastel color for cheek.
21.Add it on the cheek. 22.Add pastels for the eye shadow.
23. Completed. The wigged head is attached to the body.