Realistic male face-up tutorial

In this Tutorial, we just use Liquitex (acrylic paints), pastels, paint brushes, and water.

1. Tie hair with a rubber band.
3. Holding hair with your left hand like this.
4. Dilute red brown color with a lot of water to draw rough sketch.
5. Start with drawing outline for eyes.
6. Make sure both eyes are symmetrical. If they need to be fixed, pat with damp Kleenex.
7. Add rough sketch of eyebrows. 9. Add darker color over the rough sketch.
9. So far we use only two colors.

10. The palette with the color we've used. (ignore eye and white colors.)

11. Added more black color. 12. Dilute black paint and add it on the center line of the both edge of the lips.
13. Add white color on the white part of eyes. 14.Add blue color of pupils.
15. Do not paint blue color over the black lines. 16. Add some accent on the pupils with black and white paints.
17.Add some color on the lips. For painting man's face, do not put too much colors. 17. Using white paint draw an outline of the lips.
18 Close to finish 19. Add some accent if you like.
20.Using a big brush, add pastel color on the cheek to create shadow. 21.You can add more pastels with small paint brush over the paints.
22. Good idea to add darker pastel colors like eye shadow. 23 Adding colors under the lips.

Spraying the top coat helps to keep it in a good shape, but
not necessary.

22.Adding white color under the eyes to finish.