How to disassemble the 27cm Obitsu female soft bust body

Tools you need :
  • phillips head screwdriver
  • hair dryer (or something to heat with)
1: Pull apart each part.
2: Opens up trunk.
1.Heating by a hair dryer or hot water makes it easy to take the inside parts out of trunk.
2. Remove internal parts from trunk slowly.
3. This is what the internal parts will look like.
4.Remove the screw in the chest to separate the chest from the back.
5. Take apart the front part and back part of the chest, so that you reveal the head attachment part and abdominal part.
6.Remove the screw in the abdominal part from the back. The picture above shows all of the individual pieces.
3: Change head attachment
1. To take out the neck attachment part, push the small part through using a toothpick.
2. Change to any head attachment part as needed.
Attaching heads to the 27cm body