Parabox offers original shoes as well as shoes from Monique and other shoe companies. These shoes are designed to fit Obitsu bodies, make sure you verify sizes prior to order.

IMPORTANT: Please read prior to purchasing shoes.
* These shoes are fragile. Excess pressure may produce breakage.
* Replacement ornamentation is not available.
* Please check size reference before purchasing. We don't accept exchanges.
Obistu soft vinyl shoes are made to fit on Obitsu dolls. Soft vinyl naturally hardens in cold weather. Use a hair dryer to put on or take off shoes after they have been softened.

Foot sizes of the 21cm, 23cm, 25cm, and 27cm(female) Obitsu bodies are all 22cm in length. Parabox original shoes listed on this page are not specifically for Obitsu dolls but also for any 20mm to 22mm range feet. Please check the inner size of the shoes.

The 24cm body has bigger feet than the 27cm body and it doesn't fit Obitsu made soft vinyl shoes for 1/6 scale bodies. Please use Parabox original shoes which inner size is 30cm.

realistic body foot size 39.5mm length x 14.5mm width
slim body foot size 37mm length x 14mm width
Foot size of 27cm male body realistic body is a little bigger than slim body'. Obitsu made soft vinyl shoes are produced for realistic body feet so they would be a little big for slim body feet.