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55/60cm Obitsu bodies

60cm female body - white skin
60cm Obitsu body & head
ball-joint type
white skin
unpainted head(60HD-F06W)

The 60cm female body normal body set (60BD-F01W-G) and soft body A set (60BD-F02W-G) have been discontinued.
60cm Obitsu body & Gretel hand painted head
  • Any Gretel hand-painted head available (sample pictures : F head)
  • 60cm Obitsu ball-joint body white skin
  • 8inch wig (PW60-SHM-HB)
  • Realistic eyes 16mm (EYREBBL-16)
  • inner wear

Note to Parabox - if you have any requests regarding this set

We will accept requests to switch to any hand-painted head here, any wig, and any color of eyes in stock.
55cm Obitsu male body - white skin
55cm Obitsu body & head
white skin
unpainted head(55HD-M01)

No parts of this body are exchangeable with the Parabo 50cm male body.
50 & 55cm male bodies


The leg line looks natural and beautiful.

Steel base

All the 1/3 scale bodies come with a steel base. The diameter of the base is 157mm. The feet have a magnet in the sole to keep the body standing on the base.

Optional items

Optional hands available to purchase.

Neck pieces

In the picture, the neck piece on the left is for the 55cm/60cm Obitsu body, and the right one is for the 48cm/50cm Obitsu body and the 40cm/45cm/47cm Parabox body. All the 1/3 scale heads that Parabox sell can be used with both pieces.

Heads for the 55cm/60cm bodies