japaneseJAPANESE-style doll-making supplies... with Obitsu body

55cm Obitsu body sets

55cm Obitsu body

heads that can be used with the body

Parabox Joshua (HD-PB-5501)
Parabox Sheba head (HD-PB-6007)
Parabox Gretel head (HD-PB-6001/6004)
Parabox P-chan head (HD-PB-6006)
55cm Obitsu boys body set

This set includes:
55cm ball-joint body - white skin
unpainted head
magnet steel base
55cm Obitsu body
(from left) 47cm, 50cm, 55cm and 60cm Obitsu body
47cm, 55cm, and 60cm bodies use the same internal structure.

(left) 55cm body w/macho chest & 55cm body
(middle) 55cm body & Henzel head, 55cm body w/macho chest & Sheba, and 60cm hybrid body w/macho chest & Joshua
(right) 55cm body w/macho chest and 55cm body & Sheba head